Pet Costume Contest! Best photo WINS $25!

Happy Halloween!

Show us your creative side and post your favorite photo of your pet dressed up for Halloween! Here at Mueller Flats Apartments we love our pets and want to share in the Halloween spirit with you and all of our furry friends.

It’s simple, take a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume, upload it by 11/1 to the bottom of the happenings blog page on our website, and the staff favorite will win a $25 gift card!

***To WIN…you must upload the photo to our BLOG page on our website. At the bottom of the page you will see a dialog box. Simply click in the box (as if you were going to comment), and a small picture will appear in the lower left hand corner. Click on this picture and from there your computer will promt you to upload your photo.

We can’t wait to see all of your adorable PETS!

Click on the pic below to find adorable and inexpensive DIY costume ideas for your pet…

pet costume contest

pet costume contest


  • Erica Nicole F

    Here is is a picture of my dog Kubbie in his Back to the Future costume I made

    • katie

      Kubbie is adorable…Thanks for posting!:)

  • Amanda D

    Here is Jake in his Devil costume, but he is actually and angel!

  • Liana Guerra

    Here is ginger the my little chihuahua dragon!

  • Katie Horn

    our cute Sagan as a witch 🙂